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Related article: Date: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 16 07th 53 -0700 ( PDT ) From: Hott Toddy u003chottshott1898 yahoo. com u003e Subject : Happiness Buttons - Part 1 Oh shit. I can not get on the page fast enough. My stomach is still in nodes and my ass still feels the intense pressure of his cock. Shit ! I I want to keep me, my gut producing, in and out of my hole, shoot his sperm inside me. Damn, I can not get my head... I hope you is out of the shower before. I squeeze my balls in my hand and my semen tail a few times, enjoy the rest of the sensations again... ooze the feeling of his cum from my hole slowly, enjoying the sensation of bending and shake my ass in the chair. Room service will be here soon and I refuel for the next adventure. Josh was the most intense that I knew. We worked together in a hotel, , and when he reached the door to solicit the buttons, I wanted to ass on the spot. I saw the silver band on her ring finger just right... insurance Advertisement that he was gay. To make matters worse, he always kept my attention more than any other is, and always licking his lips when I spoke to him. We danced around each other on the button closet for a while before either of us made a move. In fact, we have in cooperating so closely that we do, 3 months ago no. Sure, there were playful flirting and stuff, but nothing that raise eyebrows. A few simple touches, shared jokes, ass grabbing, control of the crotch... as usual. That changed a few months later if we had an empty house and it was winter. Josh and I were the only two pages all day, and decided to change swing work together so that - as we get to 9 o'clock and go 20 per 00 hours. We were there for most of the day and night, and solve all the guests. No. We had only 11 or so check- ins of the night, and the restaurant closed early in the morning closed the pool, and reception staff were sitting aroundnothing to do. We were on our way out, if Manager, Cristina called and asked overnight. The button AM was sick and asked Christine if your turn - could cover able to say at the hotel, so do not order and return home, and was able to service room n at home. We were told we could take any room that was not busy and have a night at home. We have a corner suite with a king- size bed and a sofa bed, so could only hang out. At this point I wanted Josh is the worst way, but s still had to put some movement. I was pretty sure he was gay, but not wants everything in a bad state when he was not. We got to the room and put on our clothes... got into a bathrobe and read the menu room service. I realized that Josh was not Pedo Russian Girl the robe all the way done, and his penis was in the thigh, while resting in bed. My heart thrilled, I said to him, he had to cover, but he just laughed and said it was fine... to now. Hand reached down and fluffed it a bit, move to one side. Before I knew myself, I was kneeling with his cock in my mouth growing. gave a small sigh, but then leaned back and rubbed his hands full of my hair, a sigh escapes his lips. He bit his the lower lip as he sucked and sucked my way up and down her beautiful tail. let my tongue around the head and enjoyed every drop of precum that missed his slot between flexion of the tail. I liked the feeling of swollen head to your s with each bend, and are eagerly awaiting the final version. was playing with his balls and ran my fingers up and down the crack, teasing of his hole, persuasion closer to orgasm. He breathed deeply, and really started to grind her hips and forced my throat every time to his cock. Fuckin ' hell - it tasted so clean and fresh, and was so soft in and out of my mouth. I had no idea how big was his dick, but s been a perfect fit for my hungry mouth. I combed toThe fingers and it worked in his smooth hole and bury me in the ankle forward and curls bounce n against his prostate. Fresh floods have escaped from precum slot n and sweet taste in my mouth every time you press this amazing gland in in the ass. Her hips were bucking and was alternating between groans Pedo Russian Girl and moaned with pleasure. I felt his cock even bigger, swelling with the stretch, and then began to spread. Warm, salty cum, amazing full of the mouth of his throbbing cock and drank the last part of it down. I enjoyed the texture, flavor, and the great sigh of satisfaction, the escaped from his body. When I looked up, his penis still in my mouth, I saw her slightly cut Bush the perfect Pedo Russian Girl abs. What was for breast augmentation and the fourth n wonderful of large nipples that I really wanted to explore the next. Face things, Josh was in my eyes with their own spheres of incredible hazel. golden eyes shone with lust Pedo Russian Girl and with greater emphasis Anticipation me out of his rod and put his hands in my bathrobe, I wrapped in their gym tone arms. I took off my coat and pressed against the him, pounding my cock and licks his own fair share of pre-cum. whispered how much he loved me and urged me to turn around. can run hands on my body, brushed her light blond fuzz gold in my lower back and ass, sending a shower of anticipation Pedo Russian Girl in the back. Shit, I I just devastate me. I just wanted to feel his weight on me, his dick in her cock in my throat. If I could feel it all at once, that probably only happen in the nirvana of orgasm. I felt his strong hands in the back, kneading, test, touch, caress my skin, muscles, and eventually work my butt. I felt my fingers slide their saliva stain lick along my crack at them. His hot breath on my skin and deeper, teasing my hole with his promise. that a guttural moan and wine, as his rough, wet tongue slid over my forgiveness. Your input probingand gentle suction / kiss my a hole jokes fair share of shrieks, groans, sighs, and also for me. Had to be in my knees, chest in bed, surrounded as shit, fucking finger, and to explore the ass. I felt every one of my Pedo Russian Girl balls in your mouth and enjoy that he felt his mouth on my cock and Pedo Russian Girl licked the bottom of the shaft, bridle mock me and massaged my sack with the other hand. It was good. Josh was a fucking sex god. They made fun of my hole with his fingers, First one, then the working time of up to three years. Probing the caresses of my of the prostate caused cries of joy for me and the whole body with chills every step. No. I was out of my mind with lust for this man, my head with the fantasies of the good whore will surely come. At one point I I heard him ask me to fuck me just now. I was so excited I could hardly stand it. With my most penetrating a kiss her ass, he knelt behind me and put his head swollen his hard cock again n against my tender hole. He pushed me against him, I felt my hole stretch and move very slowly through my ring. I hit rock bottom before becoming head of the brush in my prostate, so I shudder, and after my heavy bag hit the ball well. In this position, , boy, I loved the feeling of his cock stretches my hole, head cockroaches love my mother, and to Pedo Russian Girl advance his big scrotum brush against each mine with \\ \\ n. Whine every time I moved back against him, and stretched, I would like a frustrated animal as my gland is stimulated and marked a chill pleasant in the back. There were no words spoken, just grunts , sighs, moans, and the sound of slapping flesh. My breathing was comes in short bursts, my bag high and tight, my cock on the edge of the explosion of a , as Josh pushed one last time and reached under my capture I semen into the waiting hand. I bought a load of wonderful force of the I shook my orgasm legs twitch, and my ring around his tail. that sighedNo answer, gathered my semen in her hand and pulled my ass. I began to protest, but was brought by the gentle warm silence of my slathering I invite my hole still twitching. After that, Josh pushed back, little by little smearing cum all over his cock and pushing my own load in my ass eager and hungry. He got out and got in and out of my hole with a rhythm that I was crazy. I n hungry again pressed him, eager ass with their wonderful things tap. It felt so good, perfect scraping and stretching inside me hurt my hole with a soft, warm, deep throw my guts, perfectly adjusted my tension. He grabbed her hips and inhaled by the rationalization of planes, signs that he was almost the same edge. With a little more movement, let out a deep, buried in the ass and download to your s own powerful orgasm, her second of the Pedo Russian Girl day, in my gut. I was beating his s cock and swell with happiness and shows me that we enjoyed every moment of the our clutch. Josh pushesmy penis hole and made me feel deprived, empty somewhere deep. Catching our breath, we lay in a tangle of branches in the king-size bed. Sweaty, shiny, with passion, and breathed deeply, the smell of sex, men and Cologne was in the air - a heady mix that will never forget. Give back to me, got up and walked naked Josh the bathroom behind her mantle all the way. He turned his head back, catch my eye before closing the door. When I saw him with his beautiful eyes, crooked smile and teeth incredible, that licked the lips... what me heart skip, catch your breath, and Dick wince. Soon I heard the water is running when the shower began. Not sure what to do next, I we ordered room service and waited until they arrive. I opened my laptop and began to write. Tired of sex, drunk with lust, I was waiting for dinner Pedo Russian Girl and ran for all the things I wanted to do with Josh during the next few hours 11... to change our early start tomorrow. You are cordially invited to comment or contact me hottshott1898 yahoo. com ~ ~ V I am writing to other adventures as they happen. This is true fun.
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